In the early- to mid- 1900s, Joseph Pilates developed Contrology, a series of low-impact exercises that emphasized complete coordination of the body, mind, and spirit. Over time, these exercises came to be known as “Pilates” and were guided by principles of whole-body health (development of the body, mind, and spirit in complete coordination), whole-body commitment (mental and physical discipline for leading one's life in a way that achieves whole-body health), and breathing. Today, Pilates is practiced by millions of men and women of all shapes, sizes, and ages all over the world.   Pilates is beneficial for a wide variety of clients, including those in rehab settings, star athletes, and pre- and postpartum women. With Pilates, there truly is something for everyone!

Pilates unites the mind, body, and spirit. Some of the goals and benefits of regular practice in Pilates include improvement in:

Strength.   Mobility.   Flexibility.   Core control.   Balance.   Coordination.   Posture and alignment.   Agility and precision.

Efficient, flowing movement.   Improved proprioception.   Pain-free movement. Mental and spiritual rejuvenation.   Self-awareness and sense of well-being.

Integration of mind, body, and spirit.   Incorporation of the breath to enhance healthy movements and body control.    Enhanced quality of life.

Pilates trains your mind and body in healthy movement patterns so you move better, feel better, and can be your best in sports and daily life.  Pilates is appropriate for all levels of fitness. Exercises can be modified to allow for more gentle movements or can be progressed if you’re ready for a more challenging workout.