I weight train with some cardio elements 4-5x per week. I have worked with Ashley to supplement my existing routine with some mindful accessory work. Wow! I met muscles I hadn't used before and felt fatigued in a way I hadn't experienced with my regular training. Ashley has a wealth of knowledge and some swanky equipment that would benefit those trying to build a new regiment or those trying to better their current training routine.

— J.P.

It might sound cliche, but Ashley's Pilates classes have really changed my life! After three babies and no exercise for more than 6 years, my abdominal strength was nonexistent. I knew I needed to do something, but didn't even know how to begin. I'm not one for fad diets, and I already ate a healthy diet. It was strength I needed. Ashley's guidance in private lessons over the last year has given me the strength I was missing. I no longer feel strain in my back when I pick up one of my kids or a heavy grocery bag. I feel stable and my posture has improved. My aches and pains are virtually gone. Pilates was new to me, and after a year, I can say this will be a lifelong practice for me. Thank you, Ashley!

— J.G.

I recently worked with Ashley when I was newly postpartum from my second baby in 2 years. I did a series of private sessions that helped me reconnect with my deep core and start moving again in a safe, intelligent way. Every session with Ashley was tailor-made for where I was at that point in my journey and I always left feeling accomplished. She helped me build strength and confidence after my baby. I highly recommend working with her!

— A.E.



I've been regularly working with Ashley over 5 months and feel immeasurably better. I started working with her in an effort to ease back into a fitness routine after having babies. She is professional, patient, and challenging. I'm now in tune with my body enough, to begin other exercise without worrying about injury. This is my first experience with Pilates and I'm so grateful to have had this one-on-one coaching with Ashley's expertise.

— A.R.

I had never been to a Pilates session until I met with Ashley. She is a fabulous instructor, very thorough and patient, and I felt comfortable immediately! I meet with her once per week and always look forward to it. I get a whole body workout and feel great. I have a new outlook on 'working out' after being sedentary for too long.

— A.M.S.

I’m a Pilates beginner and was admittedly skeptical. After our first session, Ashley completely changed my mind. With her help, I’ve discovered that I actually ENJOY exercise. She is patient, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I love the results I’m seeing and am so happy I tried something new!

— M.P.J.

I have been working with Ashley after giving birth to my last baby really messed up my pelvis and pelvic floor. Ashley has created individualized lessons that strengthen my core, legs, and so much more. Walking, standing, getting up off the floor, and just doing my job have become easier and pain free. Ashley is so knowledgeable about the body and so encouraging and patient as you learn how to regain strength. Ashley is also very mindful of your time, and personal boundaries. If you have been wanting to try Pilates, and are looking for a safe and encouraging space, you have to meet Ashley!

— M.D.