Family Centered Pilates

After having several clients ask about Family Centered Pilates Sessions, I’m happy to announce I’m now offering them! Let me tell you more…

Family Centered Pilates Sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. As many family members as you’d like to participate are welcome to join. I bring the mats and small props; you all bring the energy and willingness to learn. Sessions are tailored to you and your family, and, as always, are fun, challenging, and rewarding.

There are several reasons I have decided to add these to my list of offerings.  First, it’s a wonderful way to create togetherness with a focus on health and wellness! Family Centered Pilates Sessions allow you to be intentional about incorporating wellness and movement into your family’s lifestyle. Even when family members are already active, it’s quite common for individuals’ fitness routines to be “on their own.” Dad plays soccer with his men’s team. Mom runs. And the kids play outside, enjoying softball, tennis, and other activities. Nothing wrong with that picture! But it’s quite fun to supercharge your “family team” with your own Pilates group class. Customized Pilates sessions in your home allow everyone to come together to move, learn, and work toward personal goals with the fun and support of family.

The second reason Family Centered Pilates is so popular is convenience! This is a great chance for you and your family to work on fitness goals in your own home at a schedule that works for you. Consider this: work consumes the lives of many adults. And when the workday ends, we just want to head home and de-stress. Stopping by the gym can just feel too overwhelming after a long day on the job. Scheduling Pilates in your own home brings quality instruction to you at the most convenient place and the most convenient time to meet your needs. An added bonus is that this level of convenience makes it so much easier to sustain your wellness and fitness goals.

Finally, Family Centered Pilates Sessions offer the ultimate privacy! I often hear from clients that, while they love Pilates, their spouse would never exercise in a public setting or with a group for that matter. Having me come to your home is a way of getting him/her moving without the fear of being seen or judged. Sessions are planned with you and your family, with your bodies and needs in mind. Workout attire may be chosen for how well it allows you to move, instead of how stylish you think you may appear to others. Make-up, hairstyle, and workout gear- all up to you! And who knows? After a few sessions, confidence will grow as exercises become familiar, and your loved one might be more willing to step out of the home and face new challenges!

As we move through life, it’s easy for busy families to fall into routines that don’t necessarily include one another. It’s also easy to skip out on workouts due to the life’s stresses. And being fearful of exercising in a group or in public can lead to a sedentary lifestyle.

Let Family Centered Pilates Sessions quell each of these concerns as you give you and your family the chance to spend an hour together in a healthy, productive, fun way.  I’d love to work with your family and would be honored to be invited into your home! Please reach out to learn more about how we can make this happen!