Pilates for the Athlete 

For those who want to take performance to the next level

As with other programs offered at Mindful Pilates and Wellness, your first session will start with a detailed movement assessment to learn about any faulty movement patterns or limitations you may have. A program will be designed to address these impairments and return you to peak performance. Additionally, Pilates will help you develop your body awareness to ensure that you are always working in optimal postural alignment to maximize your performance and reduce risk of injury. With each exercise at Mindful Pilates and Wellness, you will learn proper breathing techniques to help you perform at your best. Properly inhaling and exhaling, particularly through movement and during intense motor activities and plyometrics, can help ensure that your body receives the oxygen needed to perform at peak levels and can speed up recovery after training or game time. Finally, I will work closely with your coach or trainer along the way, with the aim of improving performance, meeting your changing needs on the field, and decreasing your risk of injury.