Pilates for Pre-/Postnatal Mamas

Your baby is important, but don't forget to take care of YOU!

Your body changes a lot during pregnancy!  As your baby grows and your hormones change, your tissues and ligaments stretch and are under a unique kind of strain. Your posture also changes as your abdomen and spinal curves adapt to counter the baby's weight. Pilates can help you stay strong and focused throughout your pregnancy with safe and gentle exercises addressing posture changes, core strength and stability, flexibility, balance, and mind-body awareness. When delivery time comes, your body will be ready for the trials of labor. Prenatal Pilates can also help you recover faster in the post-partum phase, helping you return to the activities you love with less pain and lower risk of injury.

Once you've delivered and been cleared by your doctor or midwife to return to physical activity, Pilates will help your body heal and regain strength in a safe way. Special attention will be paid to regaining pelvic floor strength. If your pelvic floor is not doing its job, many exercises you choose to do, such as plyometrics and running, will put increased pressure in your pelvic area. This can lead to bladder and/or bowel dysfunction. Exercises at Mindful Pilates and Wellness will strengthen your pelvic floor musculature to allow you to return to activity safely. Additionally, Pilates will strengthen your abdominal wall and back musculature, ensuring that you have adequate core strength (front and back) to do your daily activities and exercises safely. Even though you have delivered your baby, hormone changes continue, particularly if you are breast-feeding.  These changes can lead to increased ligament laxity and joint instability. Carpal tunnel and sacral-iliac joint (SIJ) dysfunction and pain are particularly common for pre/post natal mothers. Mindful Pilates and Wellness will train your body in safe movement patterns with a focus on proper alignment, joint stability, strengthening muscles on both sides of the joint, and reducing pain to minimize any risk of injury.

During the first few years following the arrival of your little one, your body is continually adapting to keep up with the demands of your growing child. As your baby grows, holding him or her puts increased wear and tear on your joints and muscles. Your body will adapt to meet these demands, but pain and injury can occur up to 3 years after delivery. Daily activities like picking up your toddler, twisting while carrying groceries, getting your child out of a car seat, and vacuuming with a child on your hip put strain on loose ligaments and lead to joint instability and injury. Pilates addresses these changing demands with a focus on neutral spine, body awareness, and healthy movement patterns when caring for your child. With Mindful Pilates and Wellness, the development of muscle memory for healthier muscle firing patterns will allow you to meet the demands of your caregiving tasks.  As a result, healthier movement patterns will serve to keep you, and your child, safe.