Pilates for the Post-Rehab Client

You've been discharged from therapy. Now what?

Mindful Pilates and Wellness offers a safe means of progressing from rehab to independence by promoting positive movement experiences. Many therapy programs focus only on one part of the body. To contrast, Pilates addresses the body as a whole, reflecting an appreciation that every part of you is interconnected. Once released from your doctor or therapist, I will work closely with your healthcare team to follow any protocols applicable and maintain gains made in therapy. Your first Pilates session will start with a movement/posture analysis. This will be a time for me to get an idea of how your body moves (every one is different!) and your alignment. I will work with you to establish your post-rehab goals. Your personal program will utilize all pieces of equipment, will be tailored to you and your body’s needs, and can easily be adapted to meet these specific needs while being mindful of any limitations you may still have following discharge from Physical Therapy. Since each session at Mindful Pilates and Wellness is lead by a physical therapist, any rehab needs that may arise during your Pilates sessions can be identified quickly and referral back to your primary physical therapist or doctor will not be delayed.