Sitting is the New Smoking

Ever notice when you stand up at the end of a work day your back hurts, joints feel stiff, and you feel like you've aged 40 years in 9 hours?

While you may love your job, working at a desk for long periods of time poses certain risks to your physical and mental well-being. In fact, maintaining a static, slouched posture can actually be detrimental to your body over time. With long periods of sitting, certain muscle groups become shortened and tight (primarily on the front of your body) while others are stretched out and lengthened (primarily on the back of your body). Such muscle imbalances and asymmetries lead to misalignment of the joints and spine and faulty movement patterns. Specifically, your deeper, invisible muscles that are responsible for tweaking and maintaining joint and spine stability through sub-conscious contraction and feedback to the brain get turned off.  As a result, bigger muscles that we can see and touch get turned on and act in an unsafe, unsupported, and unrestricted manner. This breakdown in teamwork between the protective actions of the deeper, smaller, stabilizing muscles and the more superficial, larger, dynamic muscles leads to pain and injury.

Pilates exercises turn on and enhance muscle activity of your deep, stabilizing, and protective muscles while simultaneously reducing the over-activity of the bigger, more dynamic muscle groups. Mindful Pilates and Wellness helps to correct your alignment by teaching you to find a "neutral" spine position to improve your static (stationary) posture. After that, exercises training your dynamic (moving) posture and alignment will challenge the body and brain to recognize the need for, attain, and maintain this "neutral" alignment, promoting safer, healthier, and more efficient movement patterns. Additionally, you will learn simple exercises and changes you can make and do at work to empower you and minimize the negative effects of prolonged sitting.  The result: less pain, safer movements, and a happier you.