Running: It's about you!

Running is something humans are born to do. However, as we go through life, our bodies change and adapt to activities of choice. In today's world, many of us find ourselves adopting a sedentary lifestyle, either due to work, due to longer periods spent on the computer or watching TV, or simply due to fatigue. For many of us, childhood memories of playing outdoors, running in the yard, and playing sports bring smiles to our faces. We remember happy times when we could run without much effort and certainly without pain. Wouldn't it be amazing to do that again? Well, what's stopping you? Mindful Pilates and Wellness offers you the opportunity to improve your running form, improve muscle efficiency, and run with less pain. No matter what level of runner you are, you can always be better! 

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Program Design

I offer movement workshops for runners and one-on-one sessions for those wanting to work privately. I work with runners aiming to:

  • run without pain

  • improve running form

  • increase speed, cadence, and efficiency

Workshops and private sessions include Runity method and Pilates mat-based exercises to:

  • strengthen the core, hips, and legs

  • improve foot conditioning

  • build balance and improve proprioception

  • increase flexibility in the hips and legs

  • increase ease of running

  • improve alignment and posture while running

Video Running Gait Analysis: The Real Deal!

To help you learn more about your running gait, I offer video analysis of you running on a treadmill at Mindful Pilates and Wellness studio. This is VERY different from a gait analysis at a local running store. My analysis includes measurements of your hip range of motion, ankle range of motion, where your feet strike the surface, the amount of bend in your knees, vertical oscillation, ground contact time, and more! Then, I assign specific exercises to address any needs or impairments seen. After working on these exercises awhile, we re-film your running and modify your exercise regimen to improve your running further. The end result: a more comfortable, safer, and more efficient running pattern! 

***Running workshops do NOT include video analysis. This is scheduled and priced separately. If interested, please CONTACT ME FOR DETAILS! ***

Joy of Running Workshop Fall 2019! 

  • October 6, 6:15pm

  • October 13, 6:15pm

  • October 20, 6:15pm

  • October 27, 6:15pm

Cost: $60 for all four, one hour sessions. $16 per session à la carte.

You will learn innovative and effective RUNITY ® running drills and exercises to improve your running form, ease, and tempo. Whether you are are an experienced runner and training for a race, just beginning your own running program, or you hate to run- all levels of ability are invited to join in the fun! 

Interested in my running workshops or in scheduling a private session? Please contact me for workshop dates and session information. I am ready to  help you discover the joy of running!


Develop healthier movement patterns + pain-free running.

Do what humans were made to do: RUN!