Injury reduction and prevention

Don't let an old injury come back to haunt you. 

Muscle imbalances can be caused by the way you move, your posture, or even activities you pursue. Even the way your body recovers from an injury can lead to additional imbalances and faulty movement patterns in other parts of the body. Left unaddressed, these impairments can cause pain and even injury when you are at work, play, or simply in daily activities.

A thorough movement assessment by Mindful Pilates and Wellness can reveal any muscle imbalances or faulty movement patterns you may have. Mindful Pilates and Wellness will address these impairments, work to improve your static and dynamic posture, and teach you to find and move with a "neutral" spine and joint position to reduce muscle imbalances, promote muscle symmetry, and minimize risk of injury. Pilates helps to retrain the nervous system pathways for efficient movement and positioning by creating positive movement experiences.  This enables you to become responsible for your own recovery by learning where your body is in space, proper neutral spine positioning, and optimal movement sequences and healthy movement patterns.