I really want to try Pilates, but I'm not too sure...


I get it. 

For many people, starting a new form of exercise can be exciting but also a bit intimidating. Add to it the worry that comes with paying to work with someone you've never met, and that can stop some people from even taking that first step toward healthy movement.  

Please, take this worry off your plate.

I offer FREE Discovery Visits! Each visit is approximately 20-30 minutes of FREE consultation. It's a time for you to:

  • meet me
  • visit the studio and see the equipment
  • discuss any concerns you may have about your body (i.e., injury, posture concerns, sports-related questions, pre/postpartum diagnoses, etc)
  • learn more about Pilates and how Pilates can help you move better and meet your personal goals
  • try out some of the Pilates equipment.


Learn. Move. Experience. Grow. Your world will open up with Pilates! 

Please visit my contact page to get in touch and schedule your FREE Discovery Visit! I am here, ready to help you take this next step!