Customized care, just for you

I offer private (just you) and duet (you plus another) 55-minute sessions. No matter which program you desire to pursue, I recommend that clients start with private sessions and progress to duets if desired. Your first Pilates session starts with a movement/posture analysis. This is just a time for me to get an idea of how your body moves (every one is different!) and your alignment. I work with you to establish your fitness goals. Your personal program uses all pieces of equipment and is tailored to you and your body’s needs so you progress to meet your goals. There are no cookie cutter programs here. Each exercise is chosen for a reason: to help you reach your goals. Pilates is a fun and rewarding way to improve your movement, reduce pain, increase mindfulness and body awareness, build strength and increase flexibility, and improve your overall level of fitness...mental and physical!





Built on the same model as programs for wellness and fitness, Mindful Pilates and Wellness also offers programs designed for:

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My studio features all Balanced Body equipment, including a reformer, tower, combo chair, ladder barrel, and spine corrector. 

Your journey toward healthier movement patterns and a happier you begins here!